EMC Teleconsulting

EMC Healthcare teleconsultation, so that health is maintained even though #dirumahaja
Consult your health problems with our Specialist Doctors.

For information and registration:

  • Alam Sutera EMC Teleconsultation
    0813 1428 4808
  • EMC Cikarang Teleconsultation
    0822 8222 8885
  • EMC Pulomas teleconsultation
    0812 9074 9911
  • Pekayon EMC Teleconsultation
    0813 8272 8960
  • EMC Sentul teleconsultation
    0878 7991 7999
  • Tangerang EMC Teleconsultation
    021 2977 9977

EMC Hospital TeleConsultation Implementation Procedures:

  1. Patients register via the Whatsapp application to the PIC number listed on the e-flyer at least 1 day before the implementation.
  2. PIC gave confirmation via Whatsapp.
  3. The PIC requests data consisting of:
    • Full name
    • Residence address
    • Date of birth
    • Phone number
  4. Patients who can be accepted for enrollment are
    • Patients who have been registered at the EMC Hospital before.
    • Patients with Jabodetabek domicile.
  5. The PIC registers the patient in the registration section with the designated doctor.
  6. Online consultations are carried out in a polyclinic room that has been designated as a special teleconsultation poly according to a predetermined doctor's schedule.
  7. In the teleconsultation poly, the following devices are available:
    • Computer connected to the Hospital Information System.
    • Laptop connected with zoom application.
  8. The duration of each consultation is a maximum of 15 minutes.
  9. If the patient or doctor is late in arriving, a shift will be made according to the order and amount of remaining doctor's practice time, and rescheduling for patients who do not have time on that day.
  10. The PIC will prepare a zoom connection between the patient and the laptop in the teleconsultation poly before starting the consultation between the doctor and the patient.
  11. One nurse will assist the doctor in carrying out technical consultations in the room.
  12. The doctor enters the patient's SOAP data in the hospital information system with part O (objective) filled in with "No physical examination was carried out. The patient is doing teleconsultation.”
  13. Drug prescriptions are given for routine medication or those needed for mild symptoms for a maximum consumption of 7 days.
  14. If further examination is needed, the patient is advised to come to the EMC Hospital.
  15. The cashier team will calculate the consultation fee, drug cost, and drug delivery fee and inform the PIC to be delivered to the patient.
  16. Patients can make payments through the transfer process via the EMC Hospital account number, and send proof of transfer to the PIC.
  17. Drug prescriptions will be prepared by the pharmacy team according to the procedure.
  18. The cashier team will contact the delivery service that is used to deliver the medicine to the patient's home.
  19. The pharmaceutical team hands over the medicine to the delivery service courier.