Good preparation ahead of the match is very important that can not be negotiable. Yes, welcoming the Liga 1 match which will be held soon, the football clubs that compete in the highest caste in the Indonesian league ensure that their players are in good condition and ready to take part in the competition. Apart from skills, the player's health condition is also a major consideration in involving these players in the match.

Sport & Arthroscopy Clinic and Wellness and Wellbeing Center EMC Hospital Tangerang were entrusted with carrying out the FIFA PRE-COMPETITION MEDICAL ASSESSMENT. (PCMA) for players who will be included in League 1 football matches. Experienced doctors and complete equipment are of course the main considerations in selecting the Sport & Arthroscopy Clinic and Wellness and Wellbeing Center EMC Tangerang Hospital Tangerang EMC Hospital as a trusted health facility for conducted PCMA on Rans Nusantara FC players/officials on June 13 and 14 2023.

A total of 31 official Rans Nusantara FC players conducted PCMA at the EMC Tangerang Hospital, the examination was carried out in a centralized manner so that PCMA participants did not have to move from place to place. A personal health assistant is also provided to facilitate participant administration. A comfortable waiting room also makes the participants not bored. To ensure that PCMA services are provided with the best quality, several specialist doctors are involved in this PCMA, including dr. M. Alvin Shiddieqy Pohan, Sp.OT (K) Sport Injury, dr. Pradhana Wijayanta, Sp.OT, dr . Nurul Hanifa , Sp.OK, dr . Heri Hernawan, Sp. J.P.FIHA , dr . Sagung Adi Sresti Mahayana, Sp.KFR, dr . Robby Pratomo Putra. Sp.PD, dr. Shelly.

dr. Clara Pelita MARS, Director of Tangerang EMC Hospital said that currently EMC Tangerang Hospital is ready to provide health services to support sports activities in Indonesia, starting from pre-competition medical assessment, handling sports injuries to the monitoring process for returning to competition. This of course confirms the totality of the Sport & Arthroscopy Clinic and the Wellness and Wellbeing Center at the EMC Tangerang Hospital.

In a different place dr. Edward as the Head of Medic at the EMC Tangerang Hospital said that the EMC Tangerang Hospital has advantages in performing minimally invasive techniques for treating sports injuries, including the Arthroscopy technique, which is often performed by dr. M. Alvin Shiddieqy Pohan, Sp.OT (K) Sport Injury, thereby providing added value where the recovery process for patients/athletes will be faster and the risk of action safer.