Media Enthusiasm at the Introduction of Augmented Reality (AR) Technology in Spinal Surgery at EMC Hospital Tangerang

Developments in health technology are currently creating new innovations in health services, EMC Tangerang Hospital is currently continuing to improve the quality of services at its Spine Center, one of which is the application of Augmented Reality technology in spinal surgery (Spine).

This is a new breakthrough in spine treatment services. Tangerang EMC Hospital is the first health facility in Asia Pacific that has successfully implemented this technology in spinal surgery.

On Tuesday, May 30 2023, a media gathering was held which was attended by around 25 media who received information about this technological sophistication.

Many questions were asked regarding the mechanism of this tool, the advantages and costs of using this technology.

The media is very enthusiastic because this is a new technology that can be a solution for patients who experience spinal complaints, and what's more, Indonesia is the first country in Asia Pacific to use this technology. So that people no longer need to go abroad to be able to access the best services for spine treatment.