Health Service Stunting Reduction Program with EMC Alam Sutera Hospital

Wednesday, November 1 2023, a collaboration event was held to protect and prevent stunting reduction by the Health Service with EMC Alam Sutera Hospital. This program is a collaboration between the Banten Provincial Health Service, South Tangerang City Health Service, Pondok Jagung Community Health Center, and supported by EMC Alam Sutera Hospital.

Forms of activities include:
1. Examination of Pregnant Women by Dr. Gracia Merryane Rosaline Gerardi Rauw, Sp.OG (Specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology at EMC Alam Sutera Hospital)
2. Child health examination by Dr. Andina Chrisnawati R, Sp.A, M.Kes (Children's Specialist at EMC Alam Sutera Hospital)
3. Consultation with a nutritionist
4. Providing complementary foods