EMC Alam Sutera Hospital Receives Joint Commission International (JCI) Accreditation

EMC Alam Sutera Hospital received Joint Commission International (JCI) Accreditation, which is an international accreditation standard for hospital quality and services. JCI standards have been used as the basis for establishing accreditation and certification programs for every health care facility and program in many countries and have been evaluated by the best experts in their fields from all over the world. These standards are implemented by community agencies, health departments, and others as a method for evaluating and improving the safety and quality of patient care.

The accreditation process was carried out by the JCI team which carried out an assessment visit on 16-20 October 2023. In its assessment, JCI has standards and accreditation programs to measure service quality, namely related to International Patient Safety Goals, Access to Care and Continuity of Care, Patient-Centered Care, Patient Assessment, Patient Care, Anesthesia and Surgical Care, Management and Use of Medicines medicines, Quality Improvement and Patient Safety, Infection Prevention and Control, Governance and Leadership, Facility Management and Security, Staff Qualifications and Education, Staff Qualifications and Education, Information Management.

The success in achieving JCI accreditation is an effort to continuously improve the quality of hospital services through the application of international consensus standards, supported by data measurements as an addition to setting hospital standards.