Celebrating its 10th Anniversary, EMC Sentul Hospital Holds CSR Together with BPJS Employment

EMC Sentul Hospital is part of EMC Healthcare and plays a role and proactively supports government and other partner programs to improve health quality and educate the public. One form of realization of EMC Healthcare's vision " to be a provider of superior and trusted health services for all levels of society, in order to advance the quality of health services in Indonesia " and in commemoration of its 10th anniversary, EMC Sentul Hospital held CSR activities in collaboration with BPJS Employment to improve community welfare in the form of financing the JKK and JKM programs for 102 vulnerable workers who live around the hospital, specifically Babakan Madang District.

At the same time as the EMC Sentul Hospital's anniversary celebration was held on Sunday, October 29 2023, the above financial assistance was also handed over by the Director of EMC Sentul Hospital, Dr. GA Kusmiati, MARS accompanied by drg. Nailufar, MARS,   Board of Directors   PT. SAME (EMC Healthcare) to Mr. Dolik Yulianto as Head of the BPJamsostek Bogor City Branch Office witnessed by Invited Guests and all employees of EMC Sentul Hospital.

With the tagline "Remember BPJSTK, Remember EMC Sentul" it is hoped that synergy and collaboration can be improved in serving the health needs of the community in Bogor Raya.

Happy 10th anniversary of EMC Sentul Hospital. Getting Stronger Reaching Higher.