Patients with cancer in the abdominal cavity, such as pancreatic, intestinal and liver cancer can generally experience intense pain, which can be referred to as cancer pain and of course greatly interferes with the quality of life. This pain is usually persistent and for an advanced stage, very rarely can be treated with drugs.

celiac ganglion blockade

Celiac Ganglion Blockade

is a type of pain management action that can overcome complaints of pain in the patients mentioned above. This action is a minimally invasive procedure without going through surgery. Celiac Ganglion Blockade is performed through an anterior approach (front) of the stomach and with the help of a C arm (movable X-ray device) a special needle is inserted into the celiac ganglion and a block is performed with drug administration and radio frequency. Patients with cancer pain complaints will experience significant improvement in their pain complaints after this procedure.

celiac ganglion blockade-2