These are the diseases that stalk the psychotropic users

Illegal drugs have very dangerous side effects when consumed and abused. Unfortunately, there are still many people who are users. At the end of 2019 alone, the number of drug addicts in Indonesia reached approximately 3,600,000 users.

Using psychotropics is actually very bad for the condition of the body as a whole, both physically and mentally. The results of the study say that drug addicts are often stalked by certain diseases, including:


Drug users with injecting media play a role in increasing the number of people living with HIV/AIDS. This is because injecting addicts usually use the same syringe to inject more than one person. Usually, one syringe is used in turn between 3 to 5 people. The needles are the medium for the spread of the HIV/AIDS virus.

  1. Hepatitis B and C

In addition to HIV/AIDS, hepatitis B and C are also common in injecting drug users. Hepatitis B and C viruses are also transmitted through blood which can come from exchanging needles by IDUs ( Injection Drug Users ). Generally, a person does not realize that he is infected with this disease until his condition gets worse and even becomes cirrhosis and liver cancer

  1. Decreased cognitive abilities

In general, drugs can be bad for the brain and cognitive abilities. For example, the effects of ecstasy can cause a person to forget memories for a long time, experience a decrease in thinking ability, and find it difficult to concentrate. A cannabis user can experience perceptual and thought patterns disorders, while methamphetamine users are prone to experiencing nervous disorders.

  1. Disorders of the liver (liver) and kidneys

The function of the liver and kidneys is to absorb and filter toxins and remove toxins from our bodies. However, in the body of drug addicts, these two organs have to work harder to get rid of harmful substances in the body and that is what raises the risk of impaired liver and kidney function.

  1. Lung and respiratory disorders

This disorder is related to powdered drugs which are used by inhalation/smoke. This method can damage the respiratory system, moreover most of the goods sold in the market are goods that have been mixed with hazardous substances that absolutely cannot enter the human body.

  1. Mental disorders

If an addict uses drugs for a long time, the chemical substances contained in them can trigger behavioral disorders, such as emotional disturbances, hallucinations and disturbances in thinking that lead to psychiatric disorders.

Not only health problems, it is not uncommon for drug users to not be able to control themselves so they use illegal drugs in an overdose. Not only damage the body, this condition can also lead to death.

Now, after knowing the various negative impacts and levels of addiction that are difficult to let go of due to drug use, it's better to stay away from illegal drugs and educate those closest to us so we can have a better life.

This article was reviewed by dr. Meirda Kencana, Tangerang EMC Hospital.