Starting Routine Beauty Treatments Again in the Midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Since the enactment of PSBB (Large-Scale Social Restrictions), it is not possible to carry out beauty treatments at beauty service centers.

There are several beauty procedures that cannot be done alone at home, so that the treatment becomes hampered. For example, in BOTOX procedures or laser procedures to remove dark spots, which should already require repetition.

In line with government policy, beauty services can provide services again, of course by complying with established health protocols.

The service period towards NEW NORMAL is a TRANSITION Period which requires special treatments considering that COVID-19 cases still exist so that during this transition period beauty services still limit several types of actions that cannot be carried out because they can trigger the risk of transmission of COVID-19

For the safety and comfort of EMC Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Center patients, EMC Sentul Hospital implements:

  1. Patient Scheduling Guidelines to create physical distancing so that there is no accumulation of the number of patients at one time.
  2. Evaluation, triage and patient categories, patients are asked to carry out online screening procedures before carrying out consultations and procedures.
  3. Health protocol for all visitors, doctors, nurses, beauticians, staff and service facilities.
  4. Periodic screening examinations, personal protective equipment, routine cleaning of service facilities and infrastructure, provision of cleaning facilities ( Special Care Kits for patients )
  5. Additional equipment to support health protocols (Physical Distancing, Use of Masks, Hand Hygiene)

With the implementation of the protocol, the patient can feel safe and comfortable, no need to worry about returning to the treatment needed, but of course the actions taken will be directed by the doctor to avoid actions that will trigger the risk of transmission of COVID-19.

So what are you waiting for, give back to your skin care, it's time to remove dead skin cells that have accumulated and re-stimulate collagen formation for skin that is more supple and less dull.

Written by dr. Afin Dyah Hanung TM, Dipl. AAAM ( EMC Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Center ).