Sports Tips When Fasting

Fasting does not only affect changes in one's diet, but also changes in one's activity. Usually most people who are fasting choose to reduce strenuous activities and prefer to relax. Exercise is often avoided when fasting because it is considered to drain a lot of energy. In fact, exercise during fasting can have many positive effects on the body. What are the positive effects of doing sports during fasting?

Exercise during fasting is important because it has several benefits, including:

  1. Helps maintain physical health and increase immunity so that it is not susceptible to disease.
  2. Increase the resistance of the human body
  3. Helps maintain body weight to remain ideal
  4. Helps improve sleep quality
  5. Improve mood while fasting. This is because when exercising, the body will release endorphins or happiness hormones.

Exercise tips while fasting
An active body can reduce the risk of getting sick easily. Therefore it is important to do sports during fasting to keep the body fit. Here are some tips to be able to consistently exercise during fasting:

  1. Choosing the right time, in the afternoon and morning, is suitable for fasting
  2. Reduce the intensity of excessive exercise, and do enough to avoid fatigue.
  3. Choose a sport that is suitable and able to do. Choose the type of exercise that is light and you can do it.
  4. Drink enough water when breaking your fast and when eating sahur to meet your fluid needs.
  5. Don't skip eating at dawn so you can carry out fasting and do other activities such as sports during fasting.
  6. Don't push your body too much, give it a short break and don't push yourself too hard.
  7. If there is a history of certain diseases, pay attention to the selection of the type of exercise

Types of exercise that can be done during fasting
Another important thing to note is the selection of the type of exercise. Several types of exercise that can be done during fasting:

  1. yoga
  2. Walk
  3. Bicycle
  4. Treadmills
  5. jogging
  6. Zumba
  7. Squats
  8. Bowling

Before doing sports you should warm up and cool down sufficiently to avoid injury. Consistency and awareness of healthy living are also factors in the success of maintaining a healthy body. Good exercise is sufficient exercise and not excessive.

Article written by dr. Arrio Yusman, Sp.OT (K) Sports Injury (Orthopedic & Traumatology Specialist, Sports Injury and Arthroscopy Consultant at EMC Pekayon Hospital).