Laser as a Solution to Complete Hemorrhoids / Hemorrhoids

The laser hemorrhoid method or Laser Hemorrhoidoplasty (LHP) is a minimally invasive method without incisions, where laser coagulation aims to stop blood flow to the hemorrhoids. The laser causes the hemorrhoid veins to close and the hemorrhoid to shrink in size. Reduced hemorrhoids will then fall off on their own during defecation 1-2 weeks after surgery.

What are the advantages of the laser method?

  1. The level of pain is lighter than other methods. It was stated in the journal that the pain level assessed by the Visual Analogue Scale , the VAS level on the laser method was 2 units lower. It is estimated that the patient's stay with laser procedures is enough to spend 1 day after surgery and is often also done as one day surgery. This shows that the patient feels comfortable in undergoing the laser therapy.
  1. Less postoperative bleeding. In the journal it is stated that the laser method can reduce an average of 16.83 ml of intraoperative bleeding. Most bleeding occurs 2-3 days after the procedure with an almost always decreasing intensity, directly proportional to the level of pain. In severe cases, this condition is followed by swelling of the laser area and will decrease according to the wound healing phase.
  1. Mobility after surgery is very good. Especially when compared to conventional methods where patients will feel relatively high pain. In patients with lasers, if they choose to use general anesthesia, after being fully conscious the patient can immediately practice mobilization and continue activities. Then the use of pain medication can be minimal.
  1. Smaller wound. The laser method does not require an incision, only a very small puncture wound for the laser probe to enter. With small wounds, fewer anatomical complications are expected compared to other methods. The most feared complication is stricture/narrowing of the anal canal, but with the development of laser techniques this can be minimized. Sometimes mucopexial sutures are performed in the laser method. This aims to maintain the fixation of dilation of blood vessels that have been lasered. The risk of infection is also smaller because the resulting wound is smaller.


  1. Laser treatment is only intended for hemorrhoids with a low degree/small size

With the development of laser technology, it is now possible to perform laser therapy on large hemorrhoids. In accordance with several studies, the results obtained are relatively better.

  1. Laser treatment is expensive

Indeed, in some places, laser technology is still more expensive than other methods. However, many medical centers offer laser treatment at more economical prices because of the high treatment quota.

  1. Laser treatment often relapses

Many studies say the recurrence rate of hemorrhoids with good lifestyle changes is very low. Many factors influence the recurrence of hemorrhoids. If we suppress these risk factors, then the results of treatment can be more positive. Consult with your doctor what are the risk factors for hemorrhoids.


With the development of hemorrhoid treatment technology, it is currently very enthusiastic in Indonesia. As a community/patient, it is not recommended to force yourself to get the most modern treatment. The most important thing is the right diagnosis and treatment by a doctor with the right competence. Methods other than lasers can indeed provide positive results. However, currently the laser provides several advantages in terms of pain, fast healing, recurrence and length of stay. Hopefully with this article, we can prevent hemorrhoids and get appropriate treatment with minimal complications. Let's improve the quality of life without hemorrhoids.

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Article written by dr. Clement Dewanto, Sp.B (General Surgeon Specialist at EMC Tangerang Hospital).