Know the Natural Pregnancy Test that can be done at Home

To find out whether you are pregnant or not, buying a testpack is a quick solution to get the answer. Besides being practical, there are already many test pack brands on the market whose results are close to accurate. If positive signs are found, then Mother can immediately invite her husband to have her obstetric check up to a trusted doctor.

However, who said that testing for pregnancy can only be done with a testpack? If you don't have time, you can use natural materials that are in the house, you know. Check out the reviews and how to use them below:

1. Toothpaste

Apart from keeping your teeth clean, toothpaste can also be used to check for pregnancy. The condition is, use white toothpaste, Bun.

The method is also quite easy, mix a few drops of your urine and then stir it with toothpaste. Observe and let the mixture sit for a few minutes. If the color of the toothpaste turns blue or foam appears, this is a sign that you are positively pregnant.

2. Sugar

Is there a mother who likes sugar as a companion to eat and drink everyday? Well, this one white granule can also be used for a simple pregnancy test kit!

After getting up in the morning, collect your urine in a container. Mix two to three spoons of sugar, then let it sit for a few minutes. See if the sugar melts quickly, the meaning is negative. However, if the sugar clumps that means you are positively pregnant.

3. Salt

It is common knowledge that salt contains a myriad of benefits that cannot be underestimated. Call it a mineral intake for the body, cooking spices, to lighten the color of clothes, this magic powder can also be done. So, did you know that salt can also be used to test for pregnancy?

The method is also easy, just sprinkle enough salt on the bowl or container that you use to collect urine. If you are positively pregnant, the HCG hormone contained in the urine will react when it is mixed with salt, which turns into a white, milky solution.

4. Soap

Usually for bathing, soap is also effective as a simple pregnancy test tool for a while. Just provide soap in the container. Don't forget to wet it with a little water like you do before taking a shower.

Later, mix the water mixed with soap and urine. If the mixture of water and urine releases a lot of foam, get ready to shop for baby supplies, OK?

5. Shampoo

As with a pregnancy test using toothpaste and soap, the results of this test can be observed instantly.

All you need is a clean bowl, two drops of shampoo and water. Meanwhile, a urine sample is collected as soon as you wake up in the morning

How to use it, put two drops of shampoo in a clean bowl, add a little water to form a soapy solution, and shake gently. Now add a few drops of collected urine and observe.

If the shampoo solution is frothy or forms bubbles, it's a sign of pregnancy. However, if there is no reaction, you can safely assume that you are not pregnant.

Warning! Mixing shampoo and water to form a latherless soap solution is tricky because the presence of suds can interfere with the results.

6. Natural pregnancy test with antiseptic fluid

A mild antiseptic liquid available commercially for treating minor cuts and bruises at home. This product can also be used to perform a natural pregnancy test. Here's how.

  • Pour a tablespoon of antiseptic liquid into the glass,
  • Then add 3 tablespoons of Mother's urine, so that the antiseptic liquid and urine are in a ratio of 1:3.
  • Sit and observe for five to seven minutes.

If the urine forms a separate layer on top, it means you are pregnant. Meanwhile, if the solutions are mixed, then the result is negative.

7. Urine

Why, isn't testing for pregnancy really using urine? If that's the case, do you have to use a testpack? Apparently not always, really, Bun. The condition is that Mother must use the first urine in the morning so that the results are accurate.

Collect urine in a particular bottle or container. Leave it for 3 to 4 hours. If there is a lot of foam on the surface of this urine, you can be sure that you are positively pregnant!

8. Tuna and vinegar for a natural pregnancy test, like what?

This one method is unique and might be the last natural way you will do to test for pregnancy. Considering that delicious tuna meat is a medium that is quite expensive. But if you're curious, there's nothing wrong with Mother trying this method.

Prepare enough fresh tuna meat. Grind finely and mix with vinegar water in equal measure. After that, wait a few moments. If the mixture is green, it means you are positive. It's different if the color of the mixture is yellow or orange, you have to try your luck again.

9. Oatmeal

Championed by people who are on a diet, wheat is also a natural ingredient that is included in the list of simple pregnancy test kits. This method has actually been done for a long time, you know, Bun. In ancient times, this technique became a mainstay of Egyptian women to find out whether they were pregnant or not.

If Mother wants to try it, the way is easy. Just drip oats with urine. Wait a moment. If later shoots grow, then you are positively pregnant.

10. Mustard

For those who don't know, mustard is a spice that comes from mainland Europe with a somewhat spicy taste similar to wasabi. Apart from flavoring, you can use it to test for pregnancy. Even though it takes time that isn't instant like other methods, there's nothing wrong with trying if you're curious.

First, prepare the materials needed, namely mustard powder, bath, and enough warm water. Sprinkle a bowl of this dark-colored powder into the bath and stir until it dissolves. Next, soak in this water for about 30 minutes. If you don't have your period a day or two after that, it means you are pregnant.

11. Dandelion leaves

Mother likes gardening and planting dandelions in the yard? In fact, this beautiful flower can also be used to test pregnancy. How to?

Pick a few dandelion leaves and place them on a piece of paper. The next day when you wake up, collect your first urine in the morning and then wet the dandelion leaves that have been provided earlier. Wait a moment.

If the leaves turn a slightly reddish color, it means that you are successfully pregnant. But remember Bun, don't let the leaves be exposed to direct sunlight because it will affect the test results.

12. Baking soda, a pregnancy test with natural ingredients that is worth a try

Finally, there is baking soda which is also a popular natural component used for pregnancy tests. In fact, the prima donna ingredient in making this cake is an accurate level of up to 70%, you know! The process is also easy; just provide two spoons of baking soda, a tablespoon of urine, and a bowl.

Pour the baking soda into a bowl, then flush it with your urine. Leave it for a few minutes. If a hissing sound occurs, it means that the time has come for Mom and Dad to be able to quickly prepare the needed baby equipment. Negative pregnancy is indicated by no reaction whatsoever to your urine.

13. Vinegar

Vinegar can also be used to test for pregnancy. You can use plain white vinegar, which is inexpensive and available at grocery stores.

The way to use it is to simply pour a little vinegar into a glass and add a urine sample to it. Leave the solution for 5 minutes and observe the results.

Any change in the color of the vinegar is an indication of pregnancy. However, if there is no visible discoloration, it means that there is no pregnancy.

As an important note. Add the urine sample slowly to the vinegar to avoid foam. Bubbles and foam will affect the accuracy of the test.

14. Liquid floor cleaner

It doesn't make sense that liquid floor cleaners are used as a natural pregnancy test. This liquid is actually a common household antimicrobial agent. It is made of leaves and other parts of the pine tree. This natural pregnancy test using liquid floor cleaner is considered accurate.

You do this by pouring a little liquid floor cleaner into a glass, add a sample of urine and observe.

In case of pregnancy, the sole of the pine will turn a bluish-green color. However, if there is no change in color then you are not pregnant.

For this test, a regular, unscented, golden brown pine floor cleaner should be used.

15. Powder bleach clothes

Powdered bleach is also an effective substance for checking pregnancy. The advantage of this test is that the results can be observed quickly.

Add bleach powder to a glass, pour the urine sample into it and observe.

Positive sign: if there is a hissing sound, lots of bubbles and froth, it is an indication of pregnancy.

Negative sign: if the solution settles without bubbles, then there is no pregnancy.

The fumes produced by the reaction of urine and bleaching powder are toxic, so avoid inhaling them. Try to use a mask when doing a pregnancy test using this method.

16. Red wine

Did you know that you can also use red wine to test for conception?

The way to do a red wine pregnancy test is to take half a cup each of wine and urine, and mix them together. Wait and watch.

If the color of the grapes changes, it is a sign of pregnancy. If there is no color change, you may not be carrying a baby.

17. Natural pregnancy test by hand

Apart from the sixteen natural pregnancy test kits, another way to find out if a mother is pregnant or not is to use her hands. Changes in pregnancy hormones will make you feel uncomfortable in your stomach. Especially if you touch your stomach with your hands.

Mothers may feel that their stomach is tighter than usual as a result of pregnancy. However, it is not 100 percent certain that Mother is pregnant.

Not only relying on test packs , it turns out that there are various kinds of 'tools' that you can choose to do a natural pregnancy test. However, if you are not sure about the results, you can immediately go to the obstetrician to find out accurately. In addition, to determine the age of the womb and the condition of the fetus in the womb.

For the record, there is no evidence yet about the accuracy of all the natural pregnancy test methods described above. There is no scientific research on this natural pregnancy test method. It is still recommended to use a urine test pack (hCG test), blood hCG test or ultrasound to confirm your pregnancy.

Article written by dr. Handojo Tjandra, MD., MMed O&G (M'Sia)., Sp.OG (Obstetrics Specialist at EMC Alam Sutera Hospital).