Knee Joint Disc Injuries and Their Treatment

Not a few are aware of the role of the knee as a limb. The knee isn't just part of the leg, it's so much more. The knee actually has a big responsibility, which is to support or support the entire body weight.

But unfortunately when the knee is injured due to physical activity or falls, many people ignore it. In fact, if the injury is not immediately examined it will be very risky. The most common is a knee joint (meniscus) injury.

For that, let's look at the full explanation of the following various knee injuries:

This is the most common common tear. Even people of any age are prone or at risk of experiencing a meniscus tear.

Many types of tears can occur, but most torn meniscus do not heal. This is due to the location of the tear. Therefore, handling also depends on the location and type of tear.

In small tears in areas that have lots of blood vessels (red zones), for example. The tear will heal by itself.

However, large tears outside the red red zone (red white zone and white white zone) require minimal invasive surgery in the form of arthroscopy repair and debridement. And post surgery will be continued with medical rehabilitation to restore the patient's knee performance.

If you have complaints related to knee injuries, you can immediately consult with Dr. Andi Nusawarta, Mkes, Sp.OT (K) Sports at EMC Sentul Hospital.