It is important to know, this is the first treatment that must be done if the family has a stroke

A stroke can occur suddenly as a result of a disruption in blood flow due to a blockage or rupture of certain blood vessels in the brain, causing disruption of brain function, either partially or completely. This disease is dangerous if not treated immediately. Therefore, it is important for us to know the first treatment that must be done if the people closest to us have a stroke.

If a person has a stroke, then his condition will really depend on time. The more time is wasted, the more the risk of brain damage experienced. Although the average stroke patient is over 65 years old, the younger generation aged 20-60 years to children can also get this disease.

It's important to remember, even though the symptoms of a stroke experienced by sufferers are still relatively mild, they still shouldn't be ignored. When your family or someone close to you experiences symptoms of a stroke, seek medical help immediately and don't let yourself panic. While waiting for medical help, there are steps you can take to help stroke survivors avoid getting into a more serious condition.

Don't Move Sufferers

If you see someone having a stroke, don't move from their original position. Changing its position will only increase the likelihood of rupture of fine blood vessels in the sufferer's brain. Just help him to lie on his back so he doesn't fall to the floor.

Make sure the patient is in a comfortable position

Lean the stroke patient's body in a position that is as comfortable as possible so that blood circulation disorders do not occur. Try to keep the stroke patient in a position that allows him to continue to breathe smoothly.

Give Drink So Not Dehydrated

Prevent the patient from dehydration by giving him a glass of water. If it's difficult, you can give it to drink using a spoon. If the patient is dehydrated, the supply of oxygen to the nerves of the brain tissue will be hampered. When this has happened, the risk of the patient's condition getting worse over time will also increase.

Speak Calming Words

While waiting for medical help to arrive, try to make the sufferer more relaxed by expressing soothing words. Express that the sufferer can get through all of this and help will come soon. Therefore, you should not panic so as not to make the sufferer panic even more.

Avoid the Myth of Suffering Fingers with Needles

Avoid pricking the patient's finger with a needle because a stroke cannot heal this way. The pain response due to the finger being pricked can actually make the patient's blood pressure suddenly high and worsen the condition of the stroke. This method is also high risk because the needle may not be sterile.

For stroke cases, it would be better if you call an ambulance because fast medical assistance by paramedics during the trip will help reduce the risk of worse brain disorders. Please note that in the time span from a sudden attack to being given an action at the hospital, it should not last more than 4.5 hours. This period is referred to as the golden period to save the patient from total paralysis after a sudden stroke. If more than 4.5 hours, paralysis and brain damage due to stroke cannot be reversed.

Don't forget to continue to monitor the patient's response carefully from time to time to see if there is a decrease in the patient's condition. This is important so that you can report the patient's condition more precisely to medical personnel.

In order for us and our families to be the farthest from a stroke, it is important for us to adopt a healthy lifestyle in our daily lives. Stroke can be prevented in simple ways such as reducing or even stopping bad life habits such as smoking or consuming alcoholic beverages. Start healthy activities such as exercising regularly to maintain a proportional body weight and achieve a better quality of life. #LiveExcellently