Get to know the Gastric Balloon: A Very Safe and Effective Weight Loss Method

Obesity is a condition where large amounts of fat accumulate in the body. Obesity is caused by an unhealthy lifestyle such as eating foods high in fat and sugar, not exercising and stress. Obesity or overweight can also be influenced by genetic or hereditary factors and taking certain medications.

Obesity will definitely cause other health problems such as diabetes, stroke, coronary heart attack, hypertension and other chronic diseases. Therefore, someone who is declared obese must lose weight for the sake of their own health. There are many weight loss methods ranging from a calorie deficit, extreme exercise, bariatric surgery, and others. Currently there is a new method for losing weight, namely the Gastric Balloon.

Gastric Balloon or gastric balloon is a weight loss procedure by installing a balloon into the stomach organ. The balloon that is installed is a silicone balloon filled with fluid which is done without surgery, anesthesia or endoscopy. The aim of installing this balloon is to provide a satiating effect, reduce hunger and make food portions smaller.

Gastric Balloon Method:
1. Does not require surgery, anesthesia and endoscopy
The gastric balloon method is done by swallowing the capsule slowly with the help of drinking water. The capsules used come from vegetarian plant materials, where after entering the stomach, the capsule will fall off and leave behind a balloon membrane. Next, an X-ray examination will be carried out to see whether the position of the balloon fits inside the stomach or not. If it fits properly, the balloon will be filled with fluid through an IV tube and the balloon will expand to fill 50% of the stomach's capacity. The presence of a balloon in the stomach will provide a full effect, reducing hunger and eating portions will be smaller than usual.
2. Not permanent
After 4 months of the balloon being in the stomach, the balloon will release water slowly through a valve automatically. The water will come out when urinating or defecating, and the remaining balloon capsule will come out by itself through defecation without having to take any action.
3. It doesn't take long
The procedure for installing a gastric balloon by swallowing a capsule only takes about 15 minutes and does not require hospitalization so the patient can go straight home.
4. Safe to do
The patient will experience gradual weight loss over 4 months as long as the balloon is still in the stomach. This method does not involve cutting the stomach, does not damage the stomach organs and can help reduce weight effectively.

Gastric Balloon Video:

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