Get Rid of Belly Fat and Get a Flat Stomach This Way

When trying to form an ideal body, the stomach area is often the main complaint, not only for women but also for men. In women, changes in the shape of the stomach often occur when she becomes a mother. After giving birth, it is not uncommon for the stomach to become bulging, sometimes sagging and folding. In addition, the busy life that follows after becoming a mother sometimes makes women not have enough time to exercise and maintain an ideal body shape and weight.

In men, changes in the shape of the stomach are usually caused by an unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, and the age factor that makes the body's metabolism decrease. Foods that can cause a distended stomach are usually in the form of junk food , fatty foods, and oily foods.

Currently, there are various ways to deal with a distended stomach that are marketed, either consumed or in the form of a tool that aims to reduce belly fat. However, not all ways to shrink the stomach are safe to do or consume. If it's careless, then the substances you consume or the tools you use to shrink your stomach can cause dangerous side effects. The best way, of course, is to consult a doctor to get safe and effective treatment.

Get to know Laser Action, Liposuction, and Tummy-Tuck to Shrink the Stomach

EMC Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Center has surgical and non-surgical services to treat stomach problems, such as a distended stomach. One of the actions that can be done is a laser technique on the sagging stomach area. Laser action aims to stimulate collagenization, which is to trigger the formation of skin collagen in the abdominal area so that the skin in the abdominal area becomes firmer. This action is very comfortable because it does not leave wounds and pain for the patient. Not only that, laser procedures for the stomach do not require hospitalization.

For stomachs that are not too big with skin that is not too loose, liposuction can be the right choice. In liposuction , the wound that arises is only about 1 cm. This liposuction procedure is also comfortable, safe, and the patient does not require hospitalization.

Liposuction technology using a laser allows for fat suction as well as skin tightening in the abdominal area. That way, the skin doesn't sag after the procedure.

Surgery is sometimes necessary for large stomachs with sagging skin contours. The action needed is a tummy-tuck or abdominoplasty which can be combined with liposuction for maximum results. Before choosing this action, of course, a recommendation from a plastic surgeon is needed first.

With liposuction and tummy-tuck, the expected results can be felt immediately with a short action process. Under the supervision of doctors who are experts and competent in their fields, complemented by pain prevention management to make patients feel comfortable and safe during the procedure.

EMC Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Center has reliable quality medical facilities and infrastructure to perform the various medical procedures mentioned above. Not only that, EMC Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Center is also supported by plastic surgeons who are members of the International Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Organization. In addition to a team of competent specialist doctors, EMC Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Center also has laser liposuction and fat transfer technology.

Don't wait for your belly fat to accumulate, adopt a healthy lifestyle, and immediately consult a doctor to get the right action so you can have an ideal stomach and body shape. #LiveExcellently