Following are the reasons for the importance of carrying out the Covid-19 vaccine

Until now the number infected with Covid-19 ( Coronavirus Disease-19 / Coronavirus Disease-19) is still increasing, not only in Indonesia, but also in the world. To overcome this, various countries are running programs for administering the Covid-19 vaccine, including Indonesia.

Vaccines are biological products or substances in the form of antigens that are made with the aim of stimulating the formation of specific immunity against bacteria or viruses that cause certain diseases, so that when exposed, the person who gets the vaccine can avoid transmission or avoid serious illness due to the disease. The vaccine will work when it is entered into the body either by injection, oral or intranasal route.

The Covid-19 vaccine is a vaccine that is given by injection into the muscle mass of the upper arm to stimulate the immune system or the body's immunity against the virus.

Do We Have to Do the Covid-19 Vaccine?

Covid-19 patients can experience serious and even life-threatening complications. From just one person infected with Covid-19, there is the potential for transmission to dozens of other people, even more. The Covid-19 vaccine functions to suppress the potential for transmission.

When someone is infected with the corona virus, the body's immune system will be stimulated to form antibodies that can recognize the virus so that the possibility of being infected again becomes smaller. This means that the person is more immune or immune to Covid-19 compared to other people who have never been infected. The Covid-19 vaccine offers protection in the form of immunity without the need to be infected with Covid-19 first.

Even though this vaccine cannot 100% protect someone from Corona virus infection, this vaccine can reduce the possibility of severe symptoms and complications due to COVID-19. This vaccination also aims to encourage the formation of herd immunity or group immunity. This is important because there are some people who have not or cannot be vaccinated for certain reasons, such as children, pregnant women, people with autoimmune disorders, severe heart problems, and so on.

So by receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, you are not only protecting yourself, but also those around you such as family, co-workers and others who do not yet have immunity to Covid-19.

Maintaining the Body's Immunity Before and After the Vaccine

The COVID-19 vaccine is given in stages according to the priorities set by the government. Make sure to always maintain your immune system while waiting for your turn to be given the vaccine or after getting the vaccine because with a strong body immunity, you will not get sick easily so your body's fitness is maintained.

Several ways to increase endurance are by consuming nutritious food, exercising regularly, managing stress well, and getting enough rest.

In addition to maintaining your immune system, you need to continue to implement health protocols, both while waiting for your turn to be vaccinated and after getting the vaccine. As much as possible for the time being avoid going outside the house or gathering with large crowds. If forced, keep wearing a mask, keep your distance, and wash your hands.

The Covid-19 vaccine is expected to be a way out to end the pandemic which has claimed many lives and paralyzed the economy and people's activities. Our participation in this vaccine program will greatly assist the recovery of our country's condition.

Article reviewed by dr. Fahrani Imanina Putri Nurtyas, Sp.PK (Clinical Pathology Specialist Doctor at EMC Sentul Hospital).