Don't panic, this is the right treatment for hair loss problems

Hair is often known as the crown of beauty for women. Having beautiful and healthy hair seems to have become an integral part of getting the maximum appearance. It is not surprising that many women are very concerned about the health and beauty of their hair.

However, does the function of hair as a crown only apply to women? So, what about men? Men, especially those aged 35 and over, are also prone to experiencing severe hair loss to the point of becoming bald. To find out the causes of hair loss, let's first get to know some interesting facts about hair.

Hair Facts

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In general, hair is one part of the human body and the area where hair grows the most is the head area. Human hair has some unique facts that many people may not know. For example, hair is composed of 50% carbon, 23% oxygen, 17% nitrogen, 6% hydrogen and 4% sulfur. In addition, 90% of hair's weight is affected by keratin, a type of protein with a helix structure linked to disulfide bonds . Human hair also grows at around 0.3 mm per day or up to 4 cm per year.

Maybe many people don't know that hair has a life cycle. The first phase is the anagen or growth phase. In this phase, the hair follicles will experience constant or steady growth. The next phase is the catagen phase or more commonly known as the transition phase. The last is the telogen phase or the resting stage, where in this phase, hair will fall out or be detached from the scalp.

Even so, you don't need to be afraid that your hair will thin drastically due to complete hair loss. This is because each hair follicle goes through its growth cycle at a different time so that the hair does not fall out at the same time.

Causes and Treatment of Hair Loss

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The problem of hair loss is a problem that is often complained of by many people. Severe hair loss is feared to cause serious problems, such as baldness. One type of baldness that is quite common is a lopecia a reata or baldness in a specific area that can occur in both men and women. To help diagnose hair loss, there are several types of tests that can be taken to find the specific cause of hair loss. Some of the tests that can be done are the PULL TEST, Hair Diagnostic Trichogram and Hair Diagnostic Trichosan which can be done to distinguish at what period hair loss occurs.

Knowing the root cause of hair loss can help treat hair loss problems. Several things that can cause hair loss are malnutrition (lack of nutrients and minerals), chronic disease, postoperative conditions, depression, poisoning, hair coloring, several types of drugs, chemotherapy, radioactivity and heavy metals, hormones, genetics, and Gynecological diseases such as PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome).

When hair loss strikes, you don't need to worry because there are several therapeutic options that you can try, ranging from shampoos, cream products, lotions , tonics, topical serums, mesotherapy, medications, and vitamins, which are currently widely available in the market. In addition, there are also special treatments and products recommended by doctors that can treat cases of hair loss.

However, not all cases of hair loss can be overcome. In some chronic cases, hair loss can lead to baldness that is difficult to treat with medications and treatments. If this happens, you might be able to make hair implants or hair grafts as a solution to your problem. This action is effective to do because this action is a small action and does not require anesthesia and does not require hospitalization.

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