Can Survivors of Cardiovascular Disease Get the Covid-19 Vaccine? Check out the Explanation

The Covid-19 pandemic is still not over and currently the Government is encouraging people to vaccinate against Covid-19. As we know, the purpose of the vaccine in this case, COVID-19 is to increase herd immunity , so that it is hoped that it can interrupt disease transmission and reduce the number of COVID-19 cases in the Indonesian population. Until now, there is no clear scientific evidence that the use of heart and blood vessel drugs can affect the effectiveness of the vaccine. Heart patients who take routine medicines are expected to continue their routine treatment during and after being vaccinated, including cholesterol drugs (eg statins), high blood pressure and blood thinners.  

Know the special conditions before vaccination

There are certain conditions that require special consideration before vaccination, including; symptomatic (unstable) cardiovascular disease in the last 3 months. This population is expected to wait until complete safety data in further clinical trials is available. Unstable symptoms in question are: shortness of breath, angina (pain/discomfort in the chest), tired easily, limited activities, palpitations, swollen feet, and decreased consciousness.

Can survivors of cardiovascular disease get vaccinated?

If a special assessment is needed, or if you are in doubt, you can consult your cardiologist and blood vessel specialist for a pre-vaccine evaluation and get a vaccine eligibility certificate. Don't forget to evaluate after giving the vaccine to assess side effects / AEFI (Post-Immunization Follow-up Events), so it is hoped that you will observe before going home.

In particular, patients with stable chronic heart failure or without symptoms in the last 3 months, asymptomatic hypertensive patients with controlled blood pressure (less than 140/90 mmHg), and individuals with coronary heart disease who have undergone complete revascularization procedures (stent placement) Asymptomatic /PCI or by-pass surgery /CABG) should be considered for COVID-19 vaccination.

It is better if people with stable cardiovascular disease maintain their lifestyle by eating vegetables and fruit, exercising regularly, and avoiding stress so that both before and after the vaccination process the body condition remains fit.

Article written by dr. Rony M. Santoso, SpJP(K), FIHA, FSCAI, FESC, FAPSC (Cardiologist & Vascular Specialist Interventional Cardiology Consultant at EMC Alam Sutera Hospital).