Breast Examination with VABB (Vacuum Assisted Breast Biopsy)

Breast cancer is the biggest cancer case in the world. Cancer cells need time to develop, these cells divide every two to six weeks. If it is under one centimeter in size, it will be difficult to detect.

VABB stands for Vacuum-Assisted Breast Biopsy , which is a breast examination technique to examine breast tissue that is suspicious or looks abnormal on the results of mammography or ultrasound of the breast.

The VABB technique is performed by inserting a small needle equipped with a vacuum device into suspicious breast tissue. The vacuum device will pull the breast tissue into the needle, then this tissue will be cut into pieces using a small knife that is also included in the needle. The cut tissue will be taken for examination in the laboratory.

Vacuum Assisted Breast Biopsy is present as a tool for diagnosing and treating breast tumors which was discovered in the late 90s and has received approval from the FDA or the Food and Drug Administration which is tasked with approving drugs or medical procedures or procedures to be performed on humans. This tool is a minimally invasive breast biopsy and therapy tool that uses the latest technology. Patients do not need to have open surgery to obtain tissue that is used to determine abnormalities in their breasts. This safe procedure produces minimal incisions and does not need to be done in an operating room.

Vacuum Assisted Breast Biopsy (VABB) can be used to remove clinically benign and/or suspected malignant tumors with a size of less than 2 cm. The needles used are slightly larger, 0.3-0.4 cm. A small incision is made at the tumor site under local anesthesia and the VABB is placed under ultrasound guidance. This tool cuts and sucks the tumor clean with ultrasound guidance. So that quality network results are obtained quickly. The tissue obtained will immediately enter the cup, thereby reducing the risk of damage to the tissue taken. This method is performed directly by experienced surgeons who also have the ability to assess breast ultrasound images.

The results of removing benign tumors using VABB have the advantage, namely very minimal side effects so that aesthetics is maintained and the patient can go home immediately and return to light activities.

VABB is a diagnostic and therapeutic solution in breast treatment, such as various non-cancerous and cancerous lumps in the breast, recurrent fibroadenomas, and spots on the breast that cause pain. Apart from lumps, a breast biopsy is also recommended when the doctor sees some suspicious signs on the results of a breast ultrasound or mammography, such as:

  • Nipple discharge outside of breastfeeding
  • A rash appears on the breast
  • Breasts feel sore
  • A change in the size, shape or weight of the breast
  • The lymph nodes in the armpit are enlarged

Article written by dr. Reza Musmarliansyah, Sp.B (K) Onk, FIRCS (Surgery Specialist Consultant Oncologist at EMC Pulomas Hospital).