Achieve a Perfect Beauty Appearance with Facial Treatments at EMC Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Center

Having an ideal posture, beautiful face radiant and youthful is the dream of every woman. However, because daily activities are always in contact with the outside environment, it causes the skin to be exposed to sunlight and free radicals. This makes the skin look dull and aging, especially the limited time to maintain beauty. Therefore, many women are looking for quick and practical solutions, one of which is by visiting the EMC Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Center at EMC Sentul Hospital which presents several innovations in the world of beauty to look optimally beautiful.

Facial Oxygeneo

Facials are often done by women to clean, rejuvenate and give the appearance of glowing skin. One type of facial that you can try is the Oxygeneo Facial which is able to give better results in just one treatment .

The facial process begins with exfoliating, removing dead skin cells, and tightening the facial skin with radiofrequency. Then proceed with the skin rejuvenation process with ultrasound plus the application of OXYBRIGHT & OXYREVIVE serum to provide nutrition to the skin tissue. Your skin will get a gentle massage for oxygenation and relaxation ending with a mask tailored to the needs of the skin. Simultaneous exfoliation along with skin oxygenation can optimize the absorption of nutrients into the skin. As a result, the skin becomes soft and bright.

Laser Rejuvenation

The EMC Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Center presents the Fotona Laser technology which combines 2 wavelength lasers that can reach the inner skin. Through Fotona's Q-switched technology , the laser light is converted into photoacoustic waves which mechanically break down unwanted particles such as skin pigmentation, dark spots, and melasma. This process helps improve skin texture by stimulating collagen production, tightening the skin, and diminishing wrinkles.

Fotona Laser can help overcome the problem of snoring , shape the body by destroying fat, as well as overcome the problem of acne and acne scars . Other benefits for beauty are that it can remove skin lesions, reduce hair growth, tighten women's intimate areas, also overcome blood vessel problems such as varicose veins.


The country of ginseng is known for its beauty treatment trends, one of which is through Blepharoplasty . This treatment is carried out through surgery on the upper and lower eyelids to get a beautiful and more harmonious look of the eyes through two treatment processes, namely:

  1. Upper Blepharoplasty which aims to shape the eyelids in oriental eye shapes and to reduce excess sagging skin due to the aging process.
  2. Lower Blepharoplasty to get rid of excess fat on the eyelids, adjust excess skin, and organize the eye muscles so that the face will look young again.


Want to have a perfect sharp nose? You can try Rhinoplasty treatment at EMC Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Center . Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic surgery to adjust the shape of the nose with the aim of increasing facial harmony. Surgical procedures are usually carried out by adjusting or arranging the contours of the nose, elevating it, giving the impression of a slim nose and the shape of the nostrils. It can also be done to style certain nose shapes with protrusions or concavities, arrange the tip of the nose with a rounded shape, down or the nostrils with an upward position, large nostrils, wide nostrils and asymmetrical nose shapes.

Breast Augmentation

Women will feel more confident if they have ideal body posture. One of the cosmetic surgeries that is often chosen to get the ideal body posture is Breast Augmentation . Breast Augmentation , which is also called mammoplasty augmentation , is a cosmetic surgical procedure by placing implants to increase the size, increase the volume and shape the breasts so as to improve the harmony of the body shape. Implant placement can be done under the breast tissue or under the muscle according to the doctor's needs and advice.

All of the above treatments are carried out using the latest technology and are supported by experienced doctors. Even the EMC Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Center is also equipped with tools to remove colored tattoos. The team of specialist plastic surgeons at EMC Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Center are members of the International Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Organization (ISAPS). Find a treatment that suits your needs to appear more confident by consulting at EMC Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Center or calling 021-29672977 ext.1410. #LiveExcellenty